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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks (also known as Fabrics, Ribbons or Tissu) is two lengths of suspended fabric which you can use to climb, wrap and drop in.

There are many different ways to climb, starting with a basic foot climb that requires the least strength and is purely practical, and building up into inverted and shaped climbs involving a higher level of strength, artistry and body co-ordination.

When learning tricks you start off low to the ground, allowing you to perfect them until you are confident. You then use this confidence in your strength and ability to try them higher up in the silks.

The fabric of the silks allows you to wrap yourself up in it, and the more wrapped you are, the more friction between yourself and the silks, allowing you to let go with your hands for some moves and create beautiful static poses. 

Silks is probably most well known for performers doing drops. These drops involve climbing up high and wrapping yourself in the fabric in such a way that when you release your hands you will incorporate an element of free-fall and rolling or rotating, to land lower down the silks in a new wrapped position.

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