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Aerial Rig for Hire

Indoor Alice Shoot.jpg

Do you have a venue without rated Aerial-Rigging Points?

If your venue does not have safe ceiling attachment points that have been rated to have humans hanging from them, there are only two safe and insurable options:

1) Hire a freestanding Aerial-Rig

2) Hire a certified Aerial Rigger to come and assess the space BEFORE you book aerial performers


4.5m Height - Flowered Vines and Lights

Footprint measured at 5m x 5m


5.5m Height - Carnival Themed Fabrics

Footprint measured at 7m x 7m

Our free-standing rig can be set to heights of 3.5, 4.5 or 5.5m and is fully rated and insured for solo or duo aerial performances. The rig decoration can be customised to fit in with your event or to really stand out.

Prices for hire start at £250, please contact Debs for more information.

Katie Silks_Moment.jpg

5.5m Height - Original Metallic

Footprint measured at 7m x 7m

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