"Debs is an amazing instructor - she really knows each of her students and believes in us, even when we don't ourselves. When Debs tells me I can do something, I go for it because I know from experience that she knows my potential and is there to help me. When I started out I could barely get my toes up to the bar and was almost too embarrassed to even try, but Debs patiently encouraged and assisted me, so that I built up strength over time - it's so satisfying to see how I've progressed with her help! If you've seen aerial stuff and thought, 'man I'd love to do that but I don't have the strength', then just book a few sessions with Debs and try it out - I guarantee you will be hooked for life :-)"

- Cecile

"Debs helped me accomplish things on the flying trapeze that I never thought I'd be able to do. She has an uncanny knack of explaining moves in a way that I can understand what I need to change and has given me the confidence to go for it!"

- Sarah

I have been taught both flying trapeze and static trapeze by Debs Richards at Fly-Fit and it’s hard to get across just how encouraging, knowledgeable and good at explaining things she really is. She’s unbelievably patient and positive and has a genuine desire and knack to bring out the best in every student, no matter what their age, ability or ambition. She’s a performer herself and knows how it feels to actually do it, not just teach it, so I always feel safe, even when I’m pushing my limits, and through her teaching I’ve surprised myself on many occasions! So you can sign up safe in the knowledge you’ll be getting 5* teaching.

- Rosalind

Fly-fit, run by Debs Richards, is such a great place to train. The strength and conditioning sessions are great fun and Debs is a fantastic teacher. Whether you're interested in static trapeze, hoop, silks or improving your strength generally, Debs will encourage you all the way and help you achieve things you never thought you could. Don't hesitate, book a class now, whatever your level, you'll get a warm welcome, great training and you'll make some friends too.